Jayshri Gosavi

Jayshri began by purchasing two goats in the market. Eventually, she bought four more goats for about Rs.15,000. Her entire family has been involved with the farm since the beginning. In trainings with Mann Deshi, Jayshri learned about how she could improve her business by anticipating customer demand. She learned about how to build a relationship with her customers. In terms of practical skills, she learned about financial services provided by the bank: saving, loans, and other support services. She was educated about how it is better to take a loan from a bank rather than other people, because she would receive documents certifying the loan. In terms of financial literacy, she also learned to conduct her banking activities online, such as checking her remaining loan balance and savings account balance. Jayshri is grateful for the way that Mann Deshi empowered her to be a more successful business owner. Her farm has grown from the initial four goats to ten goats. Her husband has been supportive of her throughout this journey and continues to be of help in running the farm. The entire family has benefitted from the success Jayshri has experienced and has made it possible for them to continue expanding.