Rupali Jagdale

Rupali opened her beauty parlour 14 years ago and her cosmetics store about two years ago. With a gold loan, Rupali was able to expand into selling products that she uses in her beauty parlour. Mann Deshi has helped her with growing her network and expanding her business. They provided her with marketing skills like business cards to assist in creating a loyal customer base and expanding her business’ reach. Mann Deshi also taught a seminar on Galvanic skin treatments, which she has incorporated into the services her parlour is able to provide. The parlour is now able to provide highly effective skin treatments that reach the deepest layer of the skin. Her customers are loyal and book appointments with her regularly. Her favorite part of the business is providing makeup services for special events, because she enjoys the creative element and working with the customer’s vision. Over her career, she has trained 85 students and employs five assistants between both her shops. She is a highly successful woman, especially by the community’s standards. In the course of starting a business outside the home, she has faced a lot of criticism. Rupali continues to prove them all wrong with her success, and she serves a role model for other young women to succeed.

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