Lata Waikar

As a kid, Lata always wanted to be a tailor. Both of her parents were tailors and taught her everything she knew. She moved to a different town after her marriage, which is where her business is located now. Her business produces interior fabrics: blankets, seat covers, sofa cushions, bags etc. Ten years ago, she started experiencing chronic knee pain that has intensified over the years, limiting her mobility. This started to make her sewing difficult, and she needed new machinery. One of the loans she received from Mann Deshi allowed her to purchase a motorized sewing machine that requires less range of motion. Most days, Lata works on sewing her fabrics in her home. A few days a week, she comes to the store’s location by car. They purchase the raw materials in Pune and Mumbai to use in manufacturing the products. Then, when Lata receives an order she makes a custom product for them. Mann Deshi has assisted them with publicizing their business with free business cards, flyers, and other promotion techniques. She recently expanded into stitching large blankets that have increased their income. Mann Deshi’s influence in her life has been immense, because they gave her the perspective of figuring out how to use her abilities to be independent. Lata pays for her children’s education with the income from the business, and she hopes that they will pursue more profitable careers in engineering. She sees a bright future for her family with the improvement of her business.