Nilam Jadhav

Nilam’s husband is a farmer, and she has two sons. She began rearing buffalos 12 years ago. Now she has four buffalos and one goat. The buffalos produce 15 litres of milk in the morning and the evening. Her monthly income is Rs.16,000. Her family’s welfare depends upon the income from the business. She pays for her children’s education, their hospital bills, groceries, and everything else her family requires.She used to do field work, before she took out a loan of Rs. 20,000. Then she bought two buffalos. After Mann Deshi’s financial literacy training, she expanded the number of animals and redoubled her efforts with customers. Her family is extremely proud of her, because they see her as a role model. In the future, she would like to send her kids to higher education and continue to grow her business’s earning potential.