Nita Jadhav

Nita began her business only selling stationery – small notebooks, pens, pencils, and snacks. After attending Mann Deshi’s trainings and receiving a loan, she decided to expand by purchasing a Xerox machine and selling steel furnishings. Her family has played an important role in continuing to sustain the business. Her family took care of the business while she looked after a children’s playgroup. The hardest part of running the business for Nita is that half of her income goes towards rent, so balancing her expenses, especially unexpected ones is difficult. At a Mann Deshi training, she learned about customer relations and how to consider expanding into a side business. She is proud of Mann Deshi’s work, because it has helped her to improve her life. She feels more independent, because now she is able to confidently manage the business. Her husband has an additional water bottling business, so she is able to run the stationery shop on her own. Her dreams are that the store will be in a mall one day.

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