Rupali Datta Koli

Rupali Datta Koli runs a religious paraphernalia stall, where she sells things that are required for puja or offerings at the temple. She also sells CDs of bhajans and popular Hindi music. She buys many of the products that she sells from nearby sources and then packages them by hand. She has loyal customers that come to buy things from her every time they visit the temple. The store has expanded from only selling the small packaged items to selling hand-woven jewelry, pictures, and the CDs, with the help of a loan from Mann Deshi.Her husband helps to run the business when she is occupied with house work. Mann Deshi’s trainings on entrepreneurship development and financial literacy provided Rupali with the tools to carve her own role in her family’s business. She also received skills training on how to make a diya for Diwali festival. So when Diwali arrives, Rupali’s store will be able to sell these diyas as well. With Mann Deshi’s help, she has been able to increase her income to meet her family’s expenses. She is extremely proud of her business and hopes to have a larger store one day.