Savita Bhosale

Savita’s business is a grocery store that locals frequent to buy their daily needs. She sells everything from cold drinks to laundry detergent. She also runs a flour mill, and she sells the products at the grocery store. Recently, Savita used a loan to expand into selling saris. She married early in life as a young woman, and she has two children. Her husband died in a farming accident many years back. After the accident, Savita had to figure out how to provide for her family. With Mann Deshi’s support in the form of trainings and the loan, she was able to get back on her feet. Her monthly income increased, and she is able to support her entire family on with the income from the business. She feels independent and capable of managing her own affairs with the support of Mann Deshi. Her sons beam with pride that their mother is able to support their education. She dreams of expanding her store into a larger storefront with more commercial opportunities.