The Malbari Sisters

Sangeetha and Pooja were orphaned when they were young children. After losing their parents, they were left to the care of other family relations. Their relatives arranged Pooja’s marriage when she was only 11, and she did not know that they had arranged the marriage with a deaf, mute man. Pooja was only educated until the 7th standard as a result of the marriage, and Sangeetha never had a formal education. They began their tiffin business twenty years ago to support their family. The income from the business has allowed them build their house. On a normal day, Pooja and Sangeetha can be found hard at work in their humble stone house making around 400 chapathis a day. Pooja’s husband delivers the tiffin boxes to their customers. Mann Deshi has assisted Pooja and Sangeetha with loans to help expand their business and cover their expenses. As their customer base has grown, the income has helped to pay for her paralyzed father-in-law’s medical bills. Pooja’s husband needed a bypass surgery and a loan allowed them to pay for surgery. They hope to increase the number of tiffins they can sell per day. The two sisters enjoy working together to run the business and would like to keep the business in the family. Pooja and Sangeetha’s dream is to give their daughters the best education and give them the opportunity to make a better life.