Vidya Kirve

When Vidya was a girl, she wanted to be a businesswoman. She married as a young woman and has two children. Before starting her business, Vidya was a clothing tailor. She began her business selling handmade bags four years ago. Originally, her husband did not support her efforts to her start her handbag business. Then she received skills training from Mann Deshi on how to make handbags. After the training, her husband warmed up to the idea of her starting the business. Mann Deshi’s training helped her with identifying the demand for lady’s bags and the latest designs as well as the market for children’s school bags. Vidya’s business relies on word of mouth for publicity, so she began by giving out free samples. The business now has multiple locations, with her products being sold and exported in several cities. Her customers are loyal, due to the high quality of the handmade products and personal attention given during visits to the store. On an average day, she not only trains other women on how to make bags but makes beautiful sugar models for display at weddings. Vidya finds it admirable that Mann Deshi seeks out the abilities that women already have and empowers them to improve their economic situation. Vidya’s dream is to build a large company out of her business where she only employs women. Her children have been trained in stenotyping, and she wants them to get well-paying jobs. The woman she looks up to the most is Chetna Sinha, the founder of Mann Deshi, because she puts all of her energies into empowering women in the community.