Savita Yadav

Savita began as a field hand, before she took out a loan of 50 lakhs from the national bank. With the loan, she purchased the land for her business. The farm raises goats and hens. She also runs multiple greenhouses that grow both flowers and vegetables that she sells depending on the season. Despite not … Continue reading Savita Yadav

Nilam Jadhav

Nilam’s husband is a farmer, and she has two sons. She began rearing buffalos 12 years ago. Now she has four buffalos and one goat. The buffalos produce 15 litres of milk in the morning and the evening. Her monthly income is Rs.16,000. Her family’s welfare depends upon the income from the business. She pays … Continue reading Nilam Jadhav

Jayshri Gosavi

Jayshri began by purchasing two goats in the market. Eventually, she bought four more goats for about Rs.15,000. Her entire family has been involved with the farm since the beginning. In trainings with Mann Deshi, Jayshri learned about how she could improve her business by anticipating customer demand.