The Mann Deshi Foundation’s programming empowers women and provides access to resources, reaching across state lines to the most remote of villages – from Maharashtra to Assam.

Community Radio

The Community Radio station is located on the ground floor of the Mann Deshi head office in Mhaswad. There is programming every day in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The 90.4 FM channel is broadcast to 100 villages within 500km of the station. It averages about 50,000 loyal listeners.

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Mann Deshi Champions

The Mann Deshi Champions programme began in 2011, supporting rural children to excel in sports. Although rural children are active, they are rarely given adequate sports training to participate in organized sports. They gain these abilities by herding sheep and buffaloes, cutting sugarcane, or working at construction sites. Due to the lack of sporting opportunities in school, most kids never realize their full athletic potential.

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