Vidya Kirve

When Vidya was a girl, she wanted to be a businesswoman. She married as a young woman and has two children. Before starting her business, Vidya was a clothing tailor. She began her business selling handmade bags four years ago. Originally, her husband did not support her efforts to her start her handbag business. Then … Continue reading Vidya Kirve

The Malbari Sisters

Sangeetha and Pooja were orphaned when they were young children. After losing their parents, they were left to the care of other family relations. Their relatives arranged Pooja’s marriage when she was only 11, and she did not know that they had arranged the marriage with a deaf, mute man. Pooja was only educated until … Continue reading The Malbari Sisters

Rupali Jagdale

Rupali opened her beauty parlour 14 years ago and her cosmetics store about two years ago. With a gold loan, Rupali was able to expand into selling products that she uses in her beauty parlour. Mann Deshi has helped her with growing her network and expanding her business. They provided her with marketing skills like … Continue reading Rupali Jagdale

Sarita Bhise

Sarita studied in a government school in Dhuldev village 5 km away from her home. Daily she would walk or run this distance to to reach school on time. All her teachers recognized her strength and encouraged her to participate in sports. At the same time, she started training at the Mann Deshi Champions programme … Continue reading Sarita Bhise

Nita Jadhav

Nita began her business only selling stationery – small notebooks, pens, pencils, and snacks. After attending Mann Deshi’s trainings and receiving a loan, she decided to expand by purchasing a Xerox machine and selling steel furnishings. Her family has played an important role in continuing to sustain the business. Her family took care of the … Continue reading Nita Jadhav

Savita Bhosale

Savita’s business is a grocery store that locals frequent to buy their daily needs. She sells everything from cold drinks to laundry detergent. She also runs a flour mill, and she sells the products at the grocery store. Recently, Savita used a loan to expand into selling saris. She married early in life as a … Continue reading Savita Bhosale

Rupali Datta Koli

Rupali Datta Koli runs a religious paraphernalia stall, where she sells things that are required for puja or offerings at the temple. She also sells CDs of bhajans and popular Hindi music. She buys many of the products that she sells from nearby sources and then packages them by hand. She has loyal customers that … Continue reading Rupali Datta Koli

Savita Nalwade

Savita has two kids. She was originally a housewife, before starting to sell produce at the market. Unfortunately, her husband became an alcoholic. He would spend their family’s income on alcohol, taking away from funds she could use for necessities. This situation caused Savita to seek another income to pay for her children’s needs. She … Continue reading Savita Nalwade