Lata Waikar

As a kid, Lata always wanted to be a tailor. Both of her parents were tailors and taught her everything she knew. She moved to a different town after her marriage, which is where her business is located now. Her business produces interior fabrics: blankets, seat covers, sofa cushions, bags etc. Ten years ago, she … Continue reading Lata Waikar

Savita Yadav

Savita began as a field hand, before she took out a loan of 50 lakhs from the national bank. With the loan, she purchased the land for her business. The farm raises goats and hens. She also runs multiple greenhouses that grow both flowers and vegetables that she sells depending on the season. Despite not … Continue reading Savita Yadav

Nilam Jadhav

Nilam’s husband is a farmer, and she has two sons. She began rearing buffalos 12 years ago. Now she has four buffalos and one goat. The buffalos produce 15 litres of milk in the morning and the evening. Her monthly income is Rs.16,000. Her family’s welfare depends upon the income from the business. She pays … Continue reading Nilam Jadhav

The Malbari Sisters

Sangeetha and Pooja were orphaned when they were young children. After losing their parents, they were left to the care of other family relations. Their relatives arranged Pooja’s marriage when she was only 11, and she did not know that they had arranged the marriage with a deaf, mute man. Pooja was only educated until … Continue reading The Malbari Sisters

Rupali Jagdale

Rupali opened her beauty parlour 14 years ago and her cosmetics store about two years ago. With a gold loan, Rupali was able to expand into selling products that she uses in her beauty parlour. Mann Deshi has helped her with growing her network and expanding her business. They provided her with marketing skills like … Continue reading Rupali Jagdale

Nilam Desmukh

Nilam began her tailoring business 15 years ago. She opened a stationery shop four years later. She sources the products in Dahiwadi and sells them to school children who pass by on their walk to school or during their breaks. Her husband is unable to perform manual labor, so he works as a security guard … Continue reading Nilam Desmukh